You may ask – why are you leaving water on my windows? In short, the water we use is purified and doesn’t leave any spots or streaks when dry. It has been stripped of sediments and minerals that you find in your usual tap water.

The water is filtered through a series of filters and resins.  This water is often described as ‘deionized water’ due to the type of filtration used. Using pure water means that there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. After the filtration process, we store this water in our securely fitted mobile tank.

  • Safety
    Firstly, it eliminates the use of ladders therefore reducing the risk of injury to the window cleaner as well as the risk of damage to your property caused by a cumbersome ladder. Of course, we may use ladders to access windows that we can’t from the ground, however, our poles can safely reach windows up to 70 feet high.
  • Performance
    Secondly, using a telescoping water fed pole, we can access hard to reach windows that are inaccessible to traditional window cleaners, for example, skylights, Velux windows, and conservatory roofs.
    Also, using the water fed pole system, we clean the frames and sills which leads to a sparkling finish every time.
    This method of cleaning windows is also more efficient than the traditional method because we save time by not setting up ladders allowing us more time to clean each window.
  • Extra cleaning power
    Although the water is purified, we use hot water for more scrubbing power. It’s like washing dishes in hot water instead of cold water.
    We also add bio solutions as additives to enhance the cleaning experience, added glide, and shine. It’s also efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trails.
  • Privacy
    Nobody looking through the upstairs windows.